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Santos Haven is a Retirement Village that works on a Liferight system. The structure of Santos Haven is that of a Body Corporate and we are a Non-Profit Organization.

The Executive Committee embodies 10 Committee members of which 6 are Rotarians and 4 are elected Residents. The Chairperson of the Executive Committee is Ms. Fiona Williamson the Vice Chairman is Prof. Wesley Gavin, a Resident. Mrs. Gail Mckeown is the Secretary. The Committee meets every second last Thursday of the month where decisions are taken including the allocation of vacant houses and the approvals of applications to the waiting list.

The day-to-day management of Santos Haven is in the hands of the Manager, Mr. Steven de Kock. A modern office with wonderful friendly and helpful girls sees to all calls and administration.

A Matron is in charge of all the nursing personnel. Santos Haven operates a 'panic button' system where residents carry a panic button and press it whenever they feel the need. A qualified nurse will attend to the call within 3 minutes.

The Annual General Meeting is normally held on the last Wednesday in June each year.

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