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The completed application form applying to be placed on the waiting list must be accompanied by R1000 (Cash, EFT or Cheque).

If accepted by the Executive Committee, the personís names will be entered on the waiting list. The R1000 is refundable at any time. It is not a deposit and Santos Haven will not pay interest on the R1000.


* Alternatively you can fill in our form below and we will get in cantact with you*

First Name:
Familiar Name:
ID Number:
Spouse/Partner - First Name:
Spouse/Partner - Familiar Name:
Spouse/Partner - ID Number:
Spouse/Partner - Contact Number:
Postal Address:
Postal Code:
Physical Address:
E-mail Address:
Telephone Number:
Cellphone Number:
Accomodation Requirements:
Date Accommodation Required:

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Residency Application

Approval for available units are overseen by the Executive Committee.
You will need to fill in our application form and submit the required details without delay when you are ready to do so....

[download this PDF]

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