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What we offer

With 208 units/cottages with 2 Service Centres. The units/cottages consist of one-bedroom houses without a garage (bachelor units), one-bedroom units with a garage and two-bedroom units with a garage, many of which have since been modified.  The two Community centres each have its own kitchen, dining room, community room, conference facilities, lounges and library while at the second phase there is a hairdresser. The 2 Sick Bays allows for 52 Sick Bay beds. The Frail Care Centre (Assisted Living) has 16 flats.

An investment in Santos Haven is in a Life Right system. The investment or endowment in Santos Haven is coupled to a unit and the Santos Haven Executive Committee determines the unit’s price. Santos Haven will repay 80% of the initial endowment. The Committee may change the costing and the method of calculating the costing of the endowment from time to time.


Santos Haven has 24 hour CCTV security monitoring visitors and residents in and out of the grounds, as well as secure fencing around the parameter of the haven. Guest parking just beyond the gates, allows closer watch to ensure the safety of the Haven.

Residents also carry a remote with a ‘panic button’ on their person at all times, which is linked to the guard tower for instant response along with members of the nursing staff.

Frail care

Matron is in charge of all the nursing personnel. Santos Haven operates a ‘panic button’ system where residents carry a panic button and press it whenever they feel the need. A qualified nurse will attend to the call within 3 minutes.

We have 2 Service Centres, each with its own kitchen, dining room and lounge. The 2 Sick Bays are part of the centres and provide a total of  52 beds in either private rooms with on suite facilities or wards.

In 2004, a 16 room Frail Care (assisted living) was added to the existing facilities.


Our grounds and residential units are tended to by a garden crew we are extremely proud of. With everybody pitching in, tender loving care is at the order of the day, all contributing to some of the most beautiful grounds in the area.


Santos Haven provides a laundry service as part of the levies. Residents wanting to make use of this service, puts their marked laundry out on a Monday. It is returned to them again on the Friday, washed, ironed and folded.


The minibus leaves for town every weekday.

We stop at one the major shopping areas, a pharmacy and bankSpecial requests can be accommodated if arranged early enough.

We also take special trips to neighbouring towns and special events in the area.

Residents can arrange to dropped off at George Airport and be fetched again.

Basically, we go out of our way (no pun intended) to ensure all residents get to where they need to go, doctorshairdressersChurches on Sundays, libraryshopping, a trip around the ‘Mossel Bay Point’, etc.


A buzz of activity!  You can join so many activities that the choice is challenging.

The gym club is always looking for even more members and so is the croquet club. Why not join the crochet club or the movie clubwoodwork group, the gardening club, the Mossel Bay Diaz Museum group, etc.

All the major church denominations are very active. Other churches like the Lutheran Church attend to the many German speaking residents.

There is the quarterly ‘braai’ (BBQ) for the residents and is a must. The same goes the soup evenings during winter. These events are always well attended.

The Manager regularly arranges feed-back meetings to the Residents can be quite amusing at times – but always informative. The Annual General Meeting is held on the last Wednesday of June each year. Here the residents can have their say an approve/not approve the Annual Budget.

Ever so often, the residents will arrange a trip to a nearby town for a special event like a flower show, shopping or just an outing. Santos Haven provides the transport. Then Mossel Bay, being a holiday town, always has something going and the residents love to join in.

How much does it cost to get into Santos Haven?

The size of units in Santos Haven all differs; therefor it is difficult to give an exact price for 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom units.  The unit prices are for that reason calculated by the Executive Committee according to formula which takes into account the size of the unit, number of bedrooms, previous renovations, etc. The formula works out roughly to an average of R 9 500m2  (the value as on 1 July 2020) but it is an average only; some units costing more and some less.  The levies and the costing of the endowments are revised annually by the Executive Committee at the Annual General Meeting and the prices quoted herein are only a guideline.

The square meterage of the unit is determined by the total area of the floor space on foundations as per the original building plans and irrespective of whether the area is under roof or not.

A bachelor unit costs between R 470 000.00 and R 570 000.00.

A one-bedroom unit can cost between R 650 000.00 and R 980 000.00 depending on the size of the unit and a two-bedroom unit can cost between R 880 000.00 and R 1 300 000.00, again depending on the size of the unit applicable (as on 1 July 2020).

Please take note that this is not a quotation, but merely a reflection of prices and costs applicable as at 1 July 2020 for illustration purpose.

Monthly levies are payable and contribute to the running costs of Santos Haven. The levies are payable monthly in advance.  The levy includes (but it is not limited to) costs of a compulsory midday meal, limited gardening service, Municipal water, Municipal rates and taxes (excluding electricity), washing and ironing, a cleaning service, insurance, administration costs and security.  Electricity is metered, read monthly and separately invoiced. The levies are revised annually at the Annual General Meeting, normally held at the end of June of each year.

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